Who We Are...

Who We Are...

Provision Church is a new Methodist faith community.

You won't find us in a church building.
Because we're out in the world being the Church.

We gather in kitchens and at tables to make bread and to break bread. 

Our mission is Provision Kitchen, a culinary entrepreneurship training program for individuals experiencing generational poverty in Northern Virginia. We believe in dreams and we believe in supporting the dreams of people whose dreams have been for too long deferred and unheard. We believe that we are called to a table that excludes no one and that, at that table, what happens is more than a meal. It's a movement. 

Join us for a meal. 
Join us for a conversation. 
Join our movement.

Where We Are...

Community Cafes
Provision Church hosts regular Community Cafes at locations across Northern Virginia. At our cafes, our insecurely housed neighbors can find a place of abundant welcome, nutritious and delicious chef-curated light meals and snacks, our house-roasted coffee, cold beverages, and a safe space to linger for as long as they need. Several of our sites also offer a free store where our neighbors can find the things they need whether they are currently housed or are sleeping rough.

Community Meals
At our Community Meals, we gather with sanctified souls over sanctified bowls as we join in guided conversation  and respond to the presence of God that we find in the presence of each other. Every meal we offer is a support-as-you-can experience where we remove economic barriers to ensure that every person who attends can enjoy a delicious chef-curated meal without worry.

Mobile Kitchen Campus

Our Mobile Kitchen Campus can be found at our Community Cafes, Community Meals, and other events across Northern Virginia using our support-as-you-can model. Find us at a location near you by using our app or following us on the web.

Join the Movement...

We are the living, breathing body of Christ moving in the world. You can join the movement by buying our products, donating to our missions, attending an event, or joining a small group. Together, we can create a world that looks more like the Kingdom of Heaven.